(Instructor) How do I add my instructor created questions to a test?

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If you need to enter your questions into EMSTesting please view our article on adding your own questions into the program found here.


This article will cover how to pull your questions onto a test once they have already been entered into the program.


From your instructor homepage, you will click on the "Manage Test" link in your red toolbar.



This will bring you to your "Test Search" page where you can manage your existing tests or create a new test.

From here you will click the "Create New Test" button to create a new test. Or if you are editing an existing draft you can click on the "edit test" button to the right of the test name and title. 



If you are creating a new test you will be brought to the "Test Settings" tab of your new test. You will have to fill out the required fields just like you would when creating a test comprised of our Platinum Validated Questions. Please note that the provider level of your test must match the provider level that you have assigned to your questions to be able to pull them on to your test. Once you have entered your settings you will click "Create" which will cause the "Question Criteria" tab to appear.


If you are just adding questions to an existing test, you will not have to fill out the test settings again. You will just need to click on the "Question Criteria" tab.


On the "Question Criteria" tab you will see your options to pull questions on to a test. Depending on the way you set up your questions you may find one route easier than the others.


If you are utilizing "Pull Questions By Curriculum" You will have to make sure to change the "Question Bank" drop-down to the appropriate option. If you have added your questions correctly there will be two additional options. "My Questions" will contain the questions that have been added from your instructor account. "My Schools Questions" will contain the questions that have been added to the program by the active instructors in your school. This option allows you to share questions with the other instructors in your school. 


Once you have selected your "Question Bank" and your "Curriculum" the numbers to the left of the modules will indicate the number of active questions you have cross-referenced to that module. If these numbers do not reflect the number of questions you have added, this indicates that there may be a problem with your question's settings, preventing them from being eligible to be added to a test. 

Once you are satisfied with your selections you will click the "Save Criteria" button and the program will pull the questions on to the "Test Questions" tab. 



 If you have other tests that already contain your questions you can still utilize "Pull From My Active Tests." Please note that for this option, your original test becomes the bank of potential questions, so if your previous test contains both our questions and your questions, it will pull both on to the new test.  You will just set the number of questions you are looking for and select the test that contains your questions and click "Save criteria" to pull the questions on to your new test. 




 Much like when utilizing "Pull Questions By Curriculum," when you use "Pull Questions By Text, Keyword or ID" you must make sure to adjust the "Question Bank" drop-down to the appropriate bank.

If you search based on text you can then pull from your or your school's bank of questions that contain a specific word or short phrase. 


You will only be able to search by keyword if you have assigned keywords to your questions. 

If you gave your questions individualized question IDs you can use those IDs to pull a specific question on to a test. 




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