(Student) Why can’t I resume my linear test?

Sarah Smith -

Whenever you take a linear test through our program, before beginning your test you will see your “Testing Instructions” page.  This is where your test’s parameters are conveyed to you. Information like when this test is available to you, if there is a time limit, resume limit, or if the test must be completed using Platinum Secure Testing.


If you cannot resume a test, it is likely that you have reached one of these restrictions placed on your test by your instructor.

For example, if you try to restart a test outside of the availability of your test, reached your time limit, or left your test and reached your “Resume Limit,”  you will not be able to resume that test.

The Platinum Educational Group Support Team does not have the authority to adjust these settings. If you need to have these settings altered so you can resume your test, you will want to consult your instructor.

If you are having trouble resuming your linear test due to issues with Platinum Secure Testing check out our troubleshooting suggestions found in this article.


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