(Instructor) How do I know if a Medical Director has reviewed my test?

Sarah Smith -

As an instructor, there are two places that you can see this information.

First, if the test has already been deployed in one of your classes, from your instructor homepage, you'll select the name of the class the test was administered in, then click the “Edit Class” button.

Next select the “Tests” tab, find your test and click on the name to display the testing parameters. If the test has been reviewed by a medical director it will be indicated by the icon in the extended information.


Your second option, which conveys more information, and doesn't require that the test has been deployed can be found in "Manage Tests."

From your instructor homepage inside EMSTesting, you can click on the "Manage Tests" link in your red toolbar. 


This will bring you to your "Test Search" Page. Now you can either search for the test's name or filter out your tests by type, status, program type or provider level.

Once you have located your test, you will click on the name of the test to view the test information. If the medical director has reviewed the test there will be a "Medical Review" section in the information letting you know which director reviewed it, the test's status, when it was reviewed and any comments the director may have had. 

If you still have questions please give us a call at 616-818-7877 or send in a support request via the "Help" button.



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