(Instructors) How can I give a student a retest?

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It is always up to the instructor to decide whether or not a retest can be granted to a student. 

Depending on the situation, there are a few options.


If the student has just missed the test or did not complete the test, you can edit your test's settings to allow the student to once again gain access to a test. 

Instructions on how to do this can be found here.


If the student has completed the test and you want them to have another attempt you can actually grant them a retest.

From your instructor homepage you will click on your class, then select the "View Gradebook" button.



You will scroll along until you find the name of the test you wish to administer the retest for. Once found, select that test name, which will bring you to the "Class Test Results Page."

Scroll down to the "Individual Student Results" section where you will click on the checkbox next to the student's name who you wish to award the new attempt (or you can select the box next to "Student Name" to select all).  Once you have made your selections you will click the "Retake Tests" button. 



This will cause a pop-up window to appear, where you can either cancel or select the "Continue" button to confirm your action. If the test has already closed, you will have to edit your test's settings to allow students access to your test.

Please Note: If you confirm the action the student's score will be replaced with a "0". If you will need to recall their first attempts score it is a good plan to take a screenshot or export your grade book prior to actually confirming the retest. 



By clicking continue you will give them a clean slate for this test and allow the students to restart the test from the beginning. The number that appears in yellow is the number of retests the student has received on this test.


It is important to note that the test is archived. This means that you can find the test again. In the same section, you will also see an option to "Export Answers." Once you have exported the answers you will then be able to see the answers for the first attempt. You can then calculate the score and manually enter it into the gradebook. This is helpful for when the original grade has been lost or was not recorded.


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