(Student) What do I do if the skill isn’t listed?

Sarah Smith -

When you are filling out documentation, there are a couple of potential reasons that a skill would not be available for you to add. 


1. You have not entered an appropriate age for your patient or client. 

There are some skills in the program that are tied to specific age groups. Make sure that when you are entering a patient or client the appropriate age is selected or entered before looking for possible skills. 

For example, if you don't enter an age for a new patient you won't see the "Assessment of Adults" skill even if the skill is required of both your course and class.  However, once you enter in an age that falls in that group the skill will then appear as an option to select. 


2. The skill has not been turned on for the course and class the documentation is associated with. 

If there is a skill you are looking for that is not available, the best person to discuss this issue with would be your instructor. They may have reasoning why this skill has not been turned on (i.e. they want you to document the skill as part of another class or they may be planning on turning it on in the future.)

If your instructor believes the skill should be available and it isn’t, they may enlist the assistance of an administrator at the school. It is important to remember that the skill must be turned on for the course AND the class.


If you or your instructor still have questions, please feel free to send in a support request via the “Help” button or give us a call at 616-818-7877.

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