(Student) What do my test results mean? Can you define the different results?

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Listed below is a description of the possible levels of results that an instructor can allow (levels 1-4). Be aware that your instructor may only allow what levels he/she wants to. For example, if your instructor only has level 1 & 2 results for the test results page, then you will only see results like the first two descriptions below. 




Description of Levels 1-4 Test Results


Level 1 - Score Only Review


The first page of your test results is the 'Score Only Review'. This just shows you the percentage you obtained on this test (shown below). It shows you the score you've obtained, as well as the minimum percentage needed to pass this test. 



Level 2 - Extended Review


If the second level of results is active via your instructor you can click 'next page' as shown above to get to the extended review, which includes many details about your results.


Test Start/End Time - This shows the time you, as the student, started the test and ended the test.

Bloom Level Statistics -  The bloom level is defined below, and on this results page shows how many questions were asked per bloom level, as well as what your score was for those specific questions. There are 6 bloom levels total. Each question created is given a bloom level. Like the picture below, if your test didn't include any of the bloom levels, they just won't be shown (in example bloom levels 5 and 6 were not included).

  • 1 - Knowledge: You can recall or recognize information and ideas in the approximate form in which they were presented.
  • 2 - Comprehension: You can translate and understand information based on prior learning.
  • 3 - Application: You can use previously learned principles to complete a problem or task.
  • 4 - Analysis: You can draw connections among ideas as well as break information into parts by identifying motives or causes.
  • 5 - Synthesis: You can combine previously learned concepts and ideas in a new way that was not presented to you.
  • 6 - Evaluation: You can make a judgment based on specific standards and criteria

Reading Level Statistics - This gives you an average of the reading level for incorrect and correct answers. In the example below the questions, I got incorrect averaged to a little over a 10th-grade reading level. The answer that I got correct averaged at a bit over a 9th-grade reading level.

Cut Score Statistics - Cut score, as defined below this paragraph, shows you how many questions of each cut score were asked, and your percentage correct score next to it. In this example, I was asked 4 questions with a cut score of 0.45 and got only 25% of those questions correct.

We use the Nedelsky method for determining the cut score of questions. This primarily looks at the number of reasonable distractors contained in the question that the average student may be tempted to select. The higher the cut score of the question, the lower the difficulty.

  • .90 Cut Score indicates the questions has one correct answer and no good distractors.
  • .60 Cut Score indicates a question with a correct answer, 1 good distractor, and 2 poor distractors.
  • .45 Cut Score indicates a question with 1 correct answer, 2 good distractors, and 1 poor distractor.
  • .36 Cut Score indicates a question with 1 correct answer and 3 good distractors. These are the REALLY tough questions.


Level 3 - Curriculum Breakdown Review


If Level 3 is also available via your instructor you can click 'next page' from the level 2 results page to get to the 'Curriculum Breakdown Review'. 


This allows you to view the questions asked # and score broken down into a specific curriculum. You can change the curriculum from the tabs above (look at orange arrows in picture below). I personally like to use the 'Module, Topic, Objective' Curriculum as it allows you to really get specific on the categories. This way you can see exactly which specific areas of your curriculum you might want to study more on, and which areas you're exceeding in. In the example below I scored 0% on all 3 questions asked of me from AB1 - Assess and manage an adult with shortness of breath. With this information in hand, I can now begin studying specifically in that area. 



Level 4 - Full Question/Answer/Annotation Review


If the level 4 results have been made available via your instructor you can click 'next page' from the curriculum breakdown results page (shown above) to get to the 4th level review. First, you will simply see a list of all the questions that were in the test you are viewing the results for. If you click on one of the questions, it will show you 1- The answer you chose 2- The correct answer and 3- A full annotation of why the correct answer is the correct answer. Continue clicking on questions to get the full breakdown.



It must be stressed that Level 4 review will not always be available, and is totally up to your instructor. If it is not turned on, our support team can not turn it on for you. This can only be done through your instructor if he/she chooses.


If you're in the wrong place and are looking for a description of adaptive test results page please visit this article here



As always if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to submit a help ticket with us, or give our support team a call at (616) 818-7877

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