(Student) What do my linear test results mean? Can you define the different results?

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The amount of information that students can see regarding their performance on a linear test is set by the instructor(s) of their class.  Students may see up to four different levels of information if those levels are made available. This article will describe those possible levels.


Level 1 - Score Only Review

This page will display the score you've achieved, whether or not you obtained a passing score, as well as the minimum percentage needed to pass. 



If the second level of results has been made available, you will have a "Next Page" button as shown in the picture above to continue to the Extended Review.


Level 2 - Extended Review

 This level will give you some additional statistical data on your performance. 

Test Start/End Time shows the time you started and ended the test.

Bloom Level Statistics displays how many questions were asked per Bloom Level, as well as the percentage of those questions that were answered correctly. 

Each question in our system is assigned one of six different Bloom Levels. If no questions are asked at one of the Bloom Levels, that Bloom Level will not display in the results. 

  • Level 1 - Knowledge: You can recall or recognize information and ideas in the approximate form in which they were presented.
  • Level 2 - Comprehension: You can translate and understand information based on prior learning.
  • Level 3 - Application: You can use previously learned principles to complete a problem or task.
  • Level 4 - Analysis: You can draw connections among ideas as well as break information into parts by identifying motives or causes.
  • Level 5 - Synthesis: You can combine previously learned concepts and ideas in a new way that was not presented to you.
  • Level 6 - Evaluation: You can make a judgment based on specific standards and criteria.


Reading Level Statistics gives you an average of the reading level for correct and incorrect answers. In the example above, the items answered correctly averaged a bit over a 9th-grade reading level. The items that were incorrectly answered averaged to a little over a 10th-grade reading level.

Cut Score Statistics shows you how many questions of each cut score were asked, and the percentage of those questions that were answered correctly. In this example, I was asked 6 questions with a cut score of 0.45 and answered 67% of those questions correctly.

In EMSTesting and Platinum Tests we use the Nedelsky method for determining the cut score of questions. This primarily looks at the number of reasonable distractors contained in the question that the average student may be tempted to select. The higher the cut score of the question, the lower the difficulty.

  • .90 Cut Score indicates the question has one correct answer and no good distractors.
  • .60 Cut Score indicates a question with a correct answer, 1 good distractor, and 2 poor distractors.
  • .45 Cut Score indicates a question with 1 correct answer, 2 good distractors, and 1 poor distractor.
  • .36 Cut Score indicates a question with 1 correct answer and 3 good distractors. These are the REALLY tough questions.


If the 3rd level of results has been made available, you will have a "Next Page" button as shown above to continue to the Curriculum Breakdown Review.


Level 3 - Curriculum Breakdown Review

This level will organize your test into topic areas and display for you how many questions from the topic area were asked and the percentage of those items you answered correctly. 

You will see up to three different tabs, one for each curriculum, depending on the content on the test. This will allow you to determine which areas you might want to study up on, and which areas you're excelling in.

In the example above I scored 0% on both questions asked of me from the topic area PR10 -Pathophysiology.  With this information in hand, I can now begin studying specifically in that area. 


If the 4th level of results has been made available, you will have a "Next Page" button as shown above to continue to the Full Question/Answer/Annotation Review.


Level 4 - Full Question/Answer/Annotation Review


This level will give you the questions, the answers, and the annotations for the test. 

First, you will see a list of all the questions. Once you click on one of the items, the section will expand to display the potential answers. Here we will indicate the correct answer with a green check in the "Correct" column, then your response will display in the "Student" column with either a green check if answered correctly or a red check if answered incorrectly. Below that you will find the annotation which will elaborate on why the correct answer is correct, the incorrect answers are incorrect, or both. You can continue clicking on questions to finish reviewing your test.


Please Note: Level 4 review will not always be available and is entirely up to your instructor. If it is not turned on, our Support Team does not have the authority to make that change on your behalf. This can only be done by your instructor if they choose.


If you are looking for a description of the adaptive test results page please visit this article here


As always if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to submit a support ticket via the "Help" button, or give our support team a call at (616) 818-7877

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