(Instructor) What do the test settings mean? How can I edit a tests' settings?

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If you're looking for information on how to create a test, try this article here.


When Administering linear tests through our program there are many options you can outline to determine how you would like your tests deployed. This article will explain those options.


First, the settings screen will appear when you add a test to a class, or you can edit a test that has already been deployed by first going to your instructor home screen then clicking 'edit class' next to a class (See below)



Now click on the 'tests' tab in the 'edit class' menu shown below.


Once on this 'tests' tab, you can click 'edit' next to the test you want to change the settings of. Once you click edit it will bring up the test settings/options window shown below.


Now you are on the 'Edit Test Settings' Options page. The different fields and what they do are described below


Start Date: This is the date you want the test to go live. Once this date is reached the test will be active for students to be able to take.

Start Time: This is the time you want the test to go live on the date you selected first. If you select noon, then the test will be available to your students at noon, on the specific date you picked in the 'Start Date' Field.

End Date: This is the date the test will be due, and thus unavailable after this date.

End Time: In conjunction with the 'end date' field this will allow you to make a test be due at a specific time of the date specified in the 'end date' field.

Start/Resume Limit: In this field you can select a number from 0 and up. Putting Zero makes this unlimited. This means your students can continue the test again from where they left off as many times as they need to. Please note that if a students computer goes down, or the network goes down, and they go back to continue taking the test, this WILL count as a Resume limit. So if this was set to 1, then they would not be able to continue the test where it left off.

Minutes Allowed: This is the time limit of the test in minutes. If left to Zero then they technically have unlimited time to take this test. Please note that once the timer starts, it will not stop. So if there is 30 minutes entered into this field and a student takes part of the test for 15 minutes and gets kicked out because of a network or computer issue for 15 minutes, once the student tries to resume this test it will not let them because the timer has run out, because it continues running even if they get kicked out.

Student Test Results Detail Level: This allows you to pick one of four options. Please note that when you choose option 2 through 4 they will all show the levels 'below' them as well. So the last 4th option will show all 4 levels of results.

  • Level 1 - Score Only Review: Once the student gets his/her results it will only show the score they achieved on this test.
  • Levels 1,2 - Extended Review: This option will show the student when they started and ended the test as well as how they performed on the test based on Bloom levels, Cut Score and Reading Level.
  • Levels 1,2,3 - Curriculum Breakdown: This option adds in a full curriculum breakdown showing where he/she did well and where they did not.
  • Levels 1,2,3,4 - Full Question/Answer/Annotation Review: This final level gives all of the above, plus a full question/answer section at the end along with annotations for each question.

Student Test Password: Putting anything in this field will put a password on this test. Any student who tries to take this test will have to enter the password you've entered here. Leave blank to require NO Password. This can be great if you have to give a student a re-test, so you could only give that one student the password, so that no one else takes the test an accident.

Enable 'Previous' Button: Checking this box will put a 'previous' button in their test so they can go back to previous questions. It also adds a warning at the bottom of the window saying the following "Warning Selecting "Enable 'Previous' Button" may invalidate your test results." This is because a question later in the test could make it so they realize they've answered a previous question incorrectly, allowing them to go back and change it. Please note if they use the previous button they'll have to answer all of the questions they clicked 'previous' through again.

Require Platinum Secure Testing: When the Platinum Secure Testing checkbox is checked this will require your students to download and install our secure testing app. This makes all other applications close except for the test, and generally doesn't allow them to leave the test until it is finished. Students can sometimes have problems installing but we do have a troubleshooting article for secure testing here. As well as more detailed instructions of how to install and run secure testing here. As stated on the secure testing instructions for students it can be run on a Windows computer, an apple Mac Computer, or an iPhone/iPad.

Show Student Results Immediately: When this box is checked it will give each student their results as soon as they finish the test. This could potentially allow a student who takes the test first to give answers to others. If left unchecked this means that the results will only be available to students once the test is completed by all students.



Remember you can change test settings later on if you need to. For instance if a student missed the due date of the test but had a good reason and you'd like that student to still take it, you could go in and change the end date to sometime in the future to give that student the ability to take the test. Or if the start/resume limit was set to something like 1, and a student got kicked out of the test due to power issues or network issues, you could up the start/resume limit so that student can finish the test. These options are always up to the instructor or administrator. We will never change these settings at the request of a student, but can at the request of the instructor or admin. 


As always if you have any questions, concerns or problems feel free to submit a ticket or give our support team a call at (616) 818-7877


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