What is EMSTesting Select and how is it different?

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What is EMSTesting Select?

EMSTesting Select is an online testing solution for EMS students who are looking for an extra edge AFTER they have completed their EMS training.

This virtual class is managed by a licensed EMS instructor coordinator and allows students who are getting ready to take their certification test an opportunity to take unlimited computer adaptive tests to challenge their EMS knowledge in a safe setting.

  • Available for all EMS Provider Levels
  • Former students claim it is as difficult (or even more difficult) than the Registry itself.
  • Mimics the National Registry experience without actually being there!
  • Can be timed or not, can be comprehensive or in a modular format.

How is EMSTesting Select different?

EMSTesting has questions developed by experienced EMS Educators that are still in the business of teaching today.

Our database has over 5500 questions for all the provider levels, with over 3500 at the Paramedic level, all validated by 83 million responses.

Our questions are scenario-based and range from simple knowledge based to complex higher-level thinking.

  • Feedback is directed to objectives where you are strong or weak.
  • Access to a licensed EMS Instructor Coordinator.
  • Your results are compared to a national audience.
  • Exams can be truly adaptive, as you answer questions correctly, the questions become more difficult.

Email us at support@platinumed.com or call us for more information! 616.818.7877

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