(Student) Length of Adaptive Tests [Testing]

Eric Cheadle -


The length of your adaptive tests will depend on a few things.


Primarily it will be based on your performance on the test and the test that you have selected. 


When you are taking a computer adaptive test you will see approximately 30 questions per module. If you are performing very well or if you are performing poorly the test will end early. Meaning you might see 25 questions in a module, and you might see 20. 


If you have selected a Comprehensive Test, that test can contain multiple modules. You can expect to see approximately 30 questions for each module included in your test. So, for example, if you are a paramedic student taking a comprehensive Module Topic Objective test where there are 8 active modules you can expect to see up to 240 questions. 


Additionally, your school may choose to allow for pilot questions to appear as part of the Computer Adaptive Testing experience. The default setting is to include 5 questions; however, this number may vary based on your school’s settings. Your performance on these questions will not impact your results or affect the allotted time if you are taking a timed test.

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