(Instructors) How do I remove a student from a clinical opportunity he/she signed up for?

Eric Cheadle -

Recently we have added an option for students to "Request Removal" from their opportunities. If they have not done so in Platinum Planner,  you as the instructor can still choose to remove them manually. This article will walk you through the steps on how to manually remove them:


First, make sure you are logged into Platinum Planner as your instructor role. Then hover over the "Opportunities" option in the red toolbar and select "Manage Opportunities" from the drop-down that appears.


This will bring you to the "Instructor - Manage Opportunities" page. Once you have located the opportunity that the student needs to be removed from, click on the red "x" to the left of their name in the "Students" column.


Once you do this, a confirmation window will pop up. Here you will select the "Yes, Remove" button to remove the student from the shift.  Doing so automatically sends the student a message notifying them of the change.  If you enter a "Reason for removing this student" it will be included in the message. 



 If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to submit a help ticket with us, or give us a call at (616) 818-7877

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