(Instructors) How do I remove a student from a clinical opportunity he/she signed up for?

Eric Cheadle -

If you have a student that has reached out and wants to be removed from an opportunity that they can no longer attend, or accidentally signed up for the wrong date, here is how to remove them. 


First make sure you are logged into Platinum Planner as your instructor role. Now click on Opportunities - Manage Opportunities. Once you have found the opportunity that needs to be changed, click on 'edit' to the right of that opportunity (the one the student needs to be removed from).


Now that we're in the opportunity's edit screen click on the 'students' tab. This will look like below. From the Students tab click on 'Modify Students' Also shown below.


Clicking 'Modify Students' will bring up the list of students. If there is only one student signed up for this shift, then there will only be one student in this list WITH a checked box next to it. To remove this student just un-check this box then click 'save changes'


Once you have un-checked the student who wants to be removed, then clicked 'save changes' on bottom right of window this brings you back to the main edit opportunity window, where you want to click 'save' once again on the bottom right of this page (shown below)

Now that we're back on the 'manage opportunities' page we can still see the list of opportunities, but now the opportunity that we edited now has the student remove.


Now this student has been officially removed from this shift, and others who can go to this shift can sign up for it again.


If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to submit a help ticket with us, or give us a call at (616) 818-7877

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