(Instructors) How do I create Opportunities for my students to sign up for?

Eric Cheadle -

To create opportunities in Platinum Planner, first login as the instructor role.


Now under the 'Opportunities' tab click on 'manage opportunities'


Now click on 'Add New Opportunities'


You will now see the screen shown below. Most of the information that you have to fill out is self explanatory. Fill out the name of the opportunity, as well as what category this opportunity will apply the hours to. To actually create the dates for this opportunity/s click on the opportunities tab also shown below.


The opportunities tab will look like this below. Remember you can play around with adding dates for this opportunity here, but you can always change them until you click 'Create Opportunities' Button on the bottom right. This then saves the information and publicizes the opportunities.


Click on 'Add Opportunities' to get the options of how you want to add your dates for this opportunity.


Here we can now add the schedule information that we want for this opportunity. First pick the site that the shift will be located at, then Location if applicable. Then fill out the Start Time and duration of the shift, as well as when 'Sign up by date' for start and end. These are the span of days that the shift can be signed up for by the students. As you can see below we are looking at the first schedule option which is just picking from the actual calendar. You can click on any of the days to add this opportunity for those days. 


The next tab or option is to set a repeatable schedule (shown below) This allows you to Choose the days per week, as well as start date and end date for the span of time the opportunity is available. As well as how often it repeats by picking (Frequency). So if the clinical is available Monday-Thursday, but only on the third week of the month you can pick 'Every Third Week' From the frequency menu.


Below I've chosen Monday-Thursday, Every Third week From August-December.


On the third tab you can create your schedule based on a 'Fire Schedule'. With the fire Schedule you choose the beginning date and end date and then most importantly the pattern. The pattern must be typed in in this format x,-x.  For example if you wanted, from the start date, to be 3 Days on and 2 days off you would write it like this 3,-2. In the picture below I've chosen 3 days on and 2 days off from August 1st to December 1st.

Once you've added the dates you want the shifts to be active, click 'Add Dates' on the bottom right (blue button). The name of the button changes based on the kind of dates you're adding (calendar, repeatable, fire). Once you've added dates you can go back to view how it looks in the calendar. 


From here (below) if you've created the schedules from a repeatable or fire schedule and one of the dates goes over a holiday or a day the students cannot go to the shift you can remove them with the 'remove' button to the right of any of the dates set.


Once you are happy with the dates you've chosen for this section you can go on to the 'classes' tab shown below. Here you can put a check box next to any class you are the instructor for, that you would like these opportunities to be available for sign up.


Once you're happy with the classes you're adding these shifts for sign up to you can click on the instructors tab. There you just want to make sure that you, the instructor, has the box checked next to it. For now you can disregard any other instructors listed. 


Next you can go to the Documents and/or Forms tab to add any Documents you think the students may need for this shift, as well as any forms you want to add. 

Once you are happy with the options in all of the fields you can click 'Create Opportunities' on the bottom right. This will make all of the dates you've added available for students to sign up for. 


As always if you have any questions or problems feel free to submit a ticket with us or give our support team a call at (616) 818-7877

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