I have different emails for my Platinum Planner and EMSTesting account, why can't I see both?

Eric Cheadle -

Single Sign on was created to help people that use both PlatinumPlanner.com and EMSTesting.com. It used to be that users had to login to each separately. 


But now with Single Sign on you login to one site (my.platinumed.com) and from there get one click access to both EMSTesting.com and PlatinumPlanner.com. To do this we merged the users' accounts together. 


Some accounts may have issues where there is still two separate logins (One showing EMSTesting info, the other showing PlatinumPlanner info). This can happen if the two accounts, prior to merging process, used to different email addresses.


If this has happened to your account and you need the two accounts merged, please submit a support ticket by clicking on the help button on the bottom right of your screen (shown below), or give our Support Team a call at (616)818-7877.


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