I'm having issues with Secure Testing and I can't take my test

Eric Cheadle -

Platinum Secure Testing is a secure testing browser designed to allow students to take online tests, but prevent them from accessing other websites while they test or running certain programs like Skype, Slack or other communication applications. As it does require that students close these other applications before Platinum Secure Testing will allow them to take their test, they should always make sure they don’t have any extra programs running in the background. Additionally, here is a list of things they could try:

  • Depending on what device they are using, they should download and install the Windows Platinum Secure Testing Version, the Mac Platinum Secure Testing Version, or the LockDown Browser app from Apple iTunes for the iPad.
  • Make sure they have the ability to download the software onto the device they are using. Although students may be able to test normally without any difficulty in a computer lab or library, if they don’t have administrative rights on computers there or the ability to download and install programs, they may need to use their personal computers to run the program instead.
  • Platinum Secure Testing will only run on iPads or computers with a full version of Windows or the Mac OS. If they are attempting to run the program on a Chromebook, smartphone, Kindle, or other mobile devices that are not an iPad, they will need to switch to another device before they will be able to run Platinum Secure Testing.
  • Sometimes the Internet drops “Data Packets” when connecting wirelessly. When this happens, the software can’t secure the session. Connecting directly to the Internet using an Ethernet cord and connecting it to your router or modem may help establish a more uninterrupted connection.
  • Clearing their cache and cookies in the browser they’re using, closing all instances of the browser and then reopening it, can also help start a fresh session.
  • If they still aren’t successful they can try another browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, if you have a Mac.
  • Try temporarily disabling any antivirus programs on the computer.
  • They may be running an older version of the Secure Testing software, so reinstalling the program again may be necessary.
  • Lastly, make sure the computer is fully updated and their browsers are updated to the latest versions. Although it may still be possible to get around the web with one of the old AOL startup disks and a dial-up connection, Platinum Secure Testing may need a little more power than that.


If you're still having problems you can contact the Platinum Educational Group Customer Support Team or reach out to Respondus Technical Support via http://support.respondus.com/support/


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