Seeing the Questions/Answers after Taking an Adaptive Test [EMS]



After taking an adaptive test students cannot view the question/answers or annotations. This is to reflect how the National Registry Exam is. Also, the questions are different from the NR, so if you memorize the questions/answers you may get a good score on our tests, but not on the NR.


There is, however, a great tool for seeing what you may need to study more before you take the NR. When you get to your adaptive test results page, scroll to the very bottom where there is the curriculum breakdown (shown below)


It shows the different modules covered within the test and how you did in each. If you need to get more specific you can click on the little arrow next to the number/name to see what areas you should study more, and which areas you're doing well in (as shown in the picture above).


If you'd like to read more on how the Adaptive Test Results page can work for you go to this article here

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