(Instructor) My students are unable to join opportunities that I have created. They are also in a Scenario class.

Eric Cheadle -

Students in courses that have a scenario class have additional restrictions when it comes to signing up for opportunities. It is assumed, for example, that a student probably isn’t ready to begin EMS ride time or an ICU shift the very first day of class. Most likely they will need to demonstrate competency in a simulated setting with a scenario before they are exposed to actual patients. This means students will only be able to sign up for opportunities associated with hours categories that have been enabled for them by an Instructor.

Assuming your instructor account has the appropriate permissions, to see which categories are currently available for a specific student to sign up for, or to enable new categories using the student "Categories" option, follow these steps:


1. From your instructor homepage inside of Platinum Planner, hover over the "Classes/Students" option found in your red toolbar. In the drop-down that appears click on the "Manage My Students" option. 


2. This will bring you to your "Instructor - Manage Students" page, where you will want to locate the student that may need adjusting from your list of students. 

3. To the right of the student's names, in the "Actions" column you will see a "Categories" option for any student enrolled in a scenario class. Select "Categories". 

4. This will take you to the "Instructor - Student Categories" page. For any categories that are currently checked, that student will be able to sign up for opportunities that are associated with that hours category.

If you need a student to be able to sign up for an opportunity in an hours category that hasn’t been enabled for them yet, just check that hours category.

5. Be sure to click "Save" if you have made any adjustments. 

The student should now be able to sign up for any opportunities in the categories that have been enabled. This is set on a per-student basis, so you can make sure each student only has access to the opportunities that you want them to have access to.


If you still have any questions or concerns feel free to submit a support ticket via the "Help" button or give us a call at (616) 818-7877




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