(Student) Why can't I take an adaptive test?

Eric Cheadle -

There are a few situations that can cause a student not to have access to the Computer Adapting Testing portion of EMSTesting. 


Students must be in an active class in an active course in order to take an adaptive test. If your class has ended you will not be able to take more adaptive tests. You would want to contact your instructor as the school may be willing to extend your class and potentially your course to grant you access to take more adaptive tests.



Your instructor also may have put a test limit on the number of adaptive tests you can take in your class. If you are still in an active class, but you have reached the test limit, the “New Adaptive Test” button will not appear on your "Adaptive Test" page. You would want to discuss this with your instructor, as they would have the ability to increase that limit, which would allow you to continue taking adaptive tests.


If you are in an active class but your instructor has not enabled any modules in any of the curriculums, you will not be able to take an adaptive test. If this is the case you will be given the warning shown here.


In this case, your instructor must enable at least one module before you can begin taking adaptive tests. Again, contacting your instructor about this will be the best way to get this resolved, as your instructor may have a reason why they haven’t turned on certain, or any, modules for you to test on yet.



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