Opportunity Documentation/Preceptor Review

Eric Cheadle -

Once a student finishes their clinical documentation it goes into the 'ready to review' state.

The preceptor can now log in and accept/approve the documentation AND write a review of the student. They will find this by selecting "Opportunities," and should then see the documentation in the "ready to review," tab.

Once the preceptor submits the documentation, it will then be available to the instructor in their "ready to review," tab under the "manage student documentation," option in the menu bar. From here you can approve or choose to return to the preceptor for additional information.

If the instructor manually approves the documentation before the preceptor has filled this out this will remove the approval and student review options from that preceptor's account. This can help if a preceptor is not filling out the information, so the instructor can do it themselves. But if you need the approval and review from the preceptor you have to wait for them to fill it out.

As they sometimes work for the institution/hospital you may have to request that the preceptors fill out the information.

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