(Student) When I go in to set up a lab, the “Create A New Lab” button isn’t available. How do I create my labs?

Eric Cheadle -

When a student is enrolled in a current Lab class and their class is allowing for students to create their own labs, that student will have a "Create A New Lab" button on their "Manage Labs" page. 

If you do not have this button it is because of one of the following reasons:


The first reason is that the setting may have been disabled for your class.

School administrators have the option to disable the ability for students to create their own labs. If the setting is not used, you will not have that button. 


The second reason is that you may not be enrolled in a current Lab class. 

To see if you are enrolled in a lab class, move your mouse over “Classes” in the red toolbar on the student home page and then select “My Classes” in the dropdown that appears. This will show you a list of all of your classes. If a “Lab” class is not listed there, it could be that you have not signed up for a lab class yet. If there is a Lab class listed, it may be that your class has ended or yet to begin.   


Your best course of action is to contact your instructor, as the Platinum Educational Group Customer Support Team does not have the authority to adjust your class settings. 



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