(Admin/Instructor) Enabling and Creating Batch Graded Simulations.

Batch-graded simulations allow instructors to create, document, and grade Simulation Center/Lab documentation for students as a group in clinical classes. 

Note: This option is only available for SMC23 courses using the Simulation Center/Lab hours category.


A.  Enabling Batch Grading for Clinical Simulations 

B. Creating a Batch Graded Simulation 


A.  Enabling Batch Grading for Clinical Simulations: 

Note:  If you are an instructor and have not been added to the course as a Course Admin, you will need to ask someone with an administrator role to enable the feature for you. 

1.  In your Admin role, edit the clinical class you would like to allow instructors to batch grade. 

2.  Check the box Enable batch sim grading under the Settings tab.

3.  Save. 

8:4 sim.png



B.  Creating a Batch Graded Simulation

1.  Go into your Platinum Planner Instructor role. 

2.  Select Opportunities in the red toolbar and click Manage Opportunities

8:4 manage opps.png


3.  Click the +Add Batch Graded Sim button. 

8:4 button.png

Note: This button will only appear for instructors who have the corresponding permissions enabled and are associated with an active clinical class using the setting. 


4.  Fill out the required information about the simulation and when satisfied, click Submit. This will bring you to the Instructor- Batch Graded Opportunity page. 

8:4 title.png


5.  Skills tab: Add the skills the students have completed, and the number of points awarded.  You can do this by clicking the checkbox for each skill or by using the Select dropdown to Select All, then adding the number of successful skill attempts in the Points box.  The Visibility Toggle will show what skills you have selected under Active, unselected skills under Inactive, and both under All. 

8:4 skills.png

Note: Only skills with a Sims Allowed value set will be available. 


6.  Students tab: This will show you the students added to the simulation.  If you need to add or remove any students, click the Modify Students button.  

8:4 modify.png


7.  Once finished with the batch-graded simulation, click Finalize.  You also have the option to save and refresh or save and exit if you would like to save, but are not ready to finalize the sim. 

8:4 finalize.png


8.  The simulation will now show in your Batch Graded tab under Manage Opportunities.  You can view the Details or edit the sim from there if needed. 

8:4 details.png



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