(Admin) Adding Contracts to School Clinical Sites

You can add a contract to your clinical site. The contract can be given a name, notes, and an expiration date. When it is within 30 days of expiring, a tile will appear on the main dashboard to remind you of the upcoming expiration.  


A.  Adding A Contract to a School Clinical Site. 

B. Contract is Expiring Soon- Dashboard and Updating. 



A. Adding A Contract to a School Clinical Site: 

1. Select your Admin role for Platinum Planner

2. In the red toolbar, select Manage Course/Classes/Sites and click Manage School Clinical Sites

3. Locate the clinical site to which you would like to add the contract. 

4. Click Edit under the Actions column. 


5. Click the Contracts tab. 

6. Click the green Add Contract button. 

7. Add the specifics for the contract: Name and Expiration Date

8.  Upload the contract by dragging and dropping the file or clicking in the green section to select a file. The file cannot exceed 100MB. Once uploaded, you will see an Upload Successful message. 


9. Save. 





B. Expiring Soon on the Dashboard: 

When the contract expires soon, you will see the Contract Expiring tile on your dashboard.  1.  From the main PlatinumEd Dashboard, click the Manage Contracts dropdown arrow to see the expiring contract. 

1. Click View. This will take you to the School Administrator- Edit Contract page. 


2. From here, you can either Flag the clinical site so it is no longer available for creating opportunities or Upload the new contract. 


3. Save when finished. 

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