(School) Enabling Testing

Alanah Manning -

After your course is created, you can enable EMSTesting or Platinum Tests at any time before students have enrolled or after.  

Note: Payment has to be made for students to have access. 


Enabling EMSTesting or Platinum Test: 

1.  Begin by editing the course. 

  • Through the main Platinumed Dashboard: 
    • Once logged in stay on the main dashboard. 
    • Click the dropdown for the grey and black tile Manage Courses
    • Locate the course and click edit under the Actions column. 
    • 2_10_edit_dash.png


2.  Select the tab EMSTesting(not enabled) or Platinum Tests(not Enabled)

3.  Click the long green button to Enable Testing. 2_17_enable.png


4.  Click the drop-down How would you like to proceed? and select the option you would prefer.  Click the drop-down and select if you would like to Create a New Course or Clone an Existing Course.  

  • Create a New Course
    • Under the Settings tab select the Curriculum for the course.  This can be changed later and will not affect test creation or Computer Adaptive Testing. 2_17_new_course.png
  • Cloning an Existing course: 
    • Check the box for the classes you would like to have brought into this course and rename them.  This will bring all the settings over to the new class from the previous class selected.  You can make any changes after creation if you need them. 


    • Note: When a class is cloned, the tests from the previous class will carry over into the new class.  However, the start/end dates for the exams will be set beyond the end date of the class as the system has no way of knowing when you would like to administer them.

5.  Save when finished. This will enable EMSTesting or Platinum Tests and the Edit Course Platinum Planner page to appear.  From here you can make any additional changes to the course or class you would like from the defaulted settings.  At this point, you will be able to add students to Testing. 


If you need help adding Platinum Planner to students that have already been enrolled, click here


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