EMS Field Experience Category changing to Capstone Field Internship

When using the category ‘EMS Field Experience’, the system can automatically adjust the category to EMS Capstone Internship depending on the type of class the student used to sign up to the opportunity. 


When creating opportunities, if both a clinical class and a capstone class are assigned to the same batch of opportunities, the category in the settings is EMS Field Experience. when a student documents the opportunity, the category will reflect the class type that was chosen. 


If the student signs up using the clinical class then the category will remain EMS Field Experience. If the student signs up using their capstone class, then the category will automatically change the category to Capstone Field Experience for the student's documentation.  


Note: This feature will only work when the student signs up for a school clinical site opportunity.  If they are added by the instructor using Modify Students, the category will not automatically change to EMS Capstone Internship. 



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