(Student) How do I enroll in a new course?

Eric Cheadle -

The following directions will walk you through submitting a new course enrollment request from your existing student account.


Once you login to the site, from your my.platinumed.com dashboard, click on the "Enroll" tile.  



This will cause the "Student Signup" window to appear.


 Note: If you are already part of a course where you are not enrolled in all classes, the program will initially prompt you to sign up for new classes. However, if you are looking to enroll in a new course, you will need to click the "Enroll in a Course" toggle at the top of the window. 



If you have been given a "Course Code" you can click on the blue  Course Code button at the top of the window.


Doing this will cause a new field to appear where you can enter in that code and click "Lookup".


If the code you have been given corresponds to an open course within the site you will just need to click the "Submit Enrollment" button to submit an enrollment request to the school to review. 


If the code you have been given does not work (which can be caused by a few things ie. student enrollment has been closed, the course set up is incomplete or you are already apart of the course) and you see the error pictured below, your best course of action is to reach out to your instructor.



If you were not supplied with a course code you can look up your course manually. Once you've selected your profession, your school, and your course name, you can submit your enrollment by clicking "Submit Enrollment".



 Once the request has been submitted you will just need to wait for users at your institution to review the request. Once they have you will receive an email letting you know if you have been denied or accepted and if there are additional sets needed to complete your course enrollment. 




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