(Admin) I've accepted my students into the course, but I don't see them in the class

Eric Cheadle -

With the latest unified course update, there are some fundamental changes in how students are accepted into their course AND classes.


Both sites now have classes within courses. What this means is that if a student is accepted into the course, they then pay for the course. But after that they might still need to enroll in the classes within that course. So if you know a student is accepted into the course, but still don't see them in the class, they still need to be accepted into the class.


If a student is accepted into the course, and has since enrolled in the class, then the school admin (or instructor if settings are setup for instructors) can accept them from the 'class join requests' list from the 'my dashboard'. If you don't see any class enrollment requests on your dashboard, this means the student still needs to submit their enrollment request for the individual class/classes. But you can add them manually by following the instructions below.


We've created an easier way to get these students active in the class, even if the student/students have forgotten to enroll in the class.

For this list that you're about to see to exist, there has to be students that have been accepted into the course, but have not yet enrolled in the class.

First click on 'active courses' from the Dashboard, then click 'edit' next to the course.


On the 'edit course' screen click on 'emstesting' or 'platinum planner' (whichever one you're trying to get students into, or is active). Then click on the 'classes' tab and then 'edit' next to the class you're accepting students into.


This will now bring up the class edit screen

Just click on the students tab from here:


As shown in the picture above, any students who have been accepted into the course and have paid, but have not yet enrolled in the class, can be manually added by clicking the 'add to class' button to the right of the student's name under 'Course Students Not In This Class'

 If you are attempting to add the student in a Planner class, make sure to select the toggle switch "Display All" in the upper right.

As always if you have any other questions feel free to submit a help ticket or give us a call at (616) 818-7877

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