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Class Groups are a tool to facilitate class enrollment during approval into a course. When reviewing student course enrollment requests, Administrators will see a drop-down called Select The Class Group(s) To Auto-Enroll This Student Into After Payment Has Been Processed. This drop-down allows Admins to determine which classes the student would need to be accepted into within that course.
There is by default an option to accept students automatically into all of the classes currently associated with the course. So, if your course has 5 classes and students need to be a part of all 5 classes you can use the All Classes option to accept the student into the course and all 5 classes. This option was designed to cut down on the work for both students (as they would not need to request enrollment in each individual class within a course), as well as the Administrators (as you would not have to accept every class enrollment request for every student in every class).
However, you may not want to accept a student into all of the classes associated with a course, only some of them.  You might have different classes with different schedules within a course, perhaps an AM and PM version of classes or Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday where you would not want to accept a single student into both.  This is where creating your own Class Groups comes in.
From your dashboard, go to the Manage Courses tile and click to expand the Manage Course Listing section. From here, click edit next to the name of a course you would like to set up Class Groups for and select the Class Groups tab. Selecting + New Class Group on the right, it will give you the option to create a new Group.
A Class Group would be a set group of classes within this course (which can be across both programs), that a student may need to be enrolled in.  So, if you have an AM group of students, you could select any of the classes they would need to be enrolled in for both Platinum Planner and EMSTesting/Platinum Tests (assuming this course has classes created in both programs), give the group a name near the top of the window (ex. AM - Paramedic 2020-2021), and then save the group. 
Classes can exist in multiple groups (ex. The AM and PM lab classes in Platinum Planner may both share the same clinical class.  So the AM Lab class and the Clinical class could be in a group, and the PM Lab class and the Clinical class could be in a different group).
You can repeat this process for as many groups as you need.
Once you’ve created and saved a Class Group, when you go to accept students into that course, you will have additional drop-down options for “Select The Class Group(s) To Auto-Enroll This Student Into After Payment Has Been Processed” that will include any Class Groups you have created associated with the course the student signed up for.  Choosing a group and submitting will accept the student into the course and the classes contained in the group. 


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