(Student) Cut Score Grading for Students

Sarah Smith -

When students are reviewing their "Class Grades" in EMSTesting, the program will display the type of grading method that your class is using. You will see one of two options:  "Raw Score Grading" or "Cut Score Grading."



Raw Scores are often the more familiar option. They are a straight percentage of the number of questions answered correctly. A 9 out of 10 would get you a 90%. 


Cut Scores are a bit more complex because they are taking in to account the difficulty of the items on the test.

For example, if your instructor selects only hard questions, thereby creating a very difficult test, it would mean you would have to answer fewer questions correctly to achieve a passing score than if they were using Raw Score Grading. 

If your instructor selects only easy questions, thereby creating a very easy test, you will have to answer more questions correctly to achieve a passing score than if they were using Raw Score Grading. 


If you have questions about how the cut score of a question is determined, try this article here.


If you still have questions about your grades, your best course of action would be to contact your instructor. 


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