(School) Removing a Course

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There are two ways to remove a course from your active courses, deleting and changing its dates to the past.  Which option you take depends on whether students have ever been added to the course.  Once a course has had students added to it, it cannot be deleted. However, it can be put into the past so that it is no longer an active course for both you and your students.  

A.  Deleting a Course

B.  Putting a Course in the Past


A.  Deleting a Course

Note:  This option is only available to School Administrators for courses when no students have ever been added to the course. It is essential to note that simply removing students from the course will not enable deletion if students have previously been added.


1.  Begin on the main my.platinumed dashboard and click Manage Courses on the grey and black active courses tile on the left. 

Note: You must access your courses through the main dashboard, not an Admin role.  

9:6 manage courses.png


2.  Click delete for the desired course under Actions. 

9:6 delete.png

Note: If delete is not an option, you will have to use the directions in the next section.


3.  Confirm that you want to delete the course by clicking ok.  Once you click ok, the course will be deleted.  This action cannot be undone.  If you delete the incorrect course, the only course of action will be to create another course.  


B.  Putting a Course into the Past: 

Note: This can only be done by School Administrators or Course Admins. 


1.  Click on the Manage Courses grey and black tile on the main dashboard. This will cause the Manage Course Listing section to display.

2.  Locate the course you would like to "remove" and click edit on the right side of the screen.



3.  Change the End Date of the course to the past.

Note: The end date of a course cannot come before the start date.  If the start date is also in the future, you will need to change the Start Date to the past first, then change the end date. 

4.  Save when finished. 


Pro Tip: If you are going to be adding or already have a different course with a similar or identical name you may also want to adjust the name of the course (like adding something akin to "DO NOT USE" at the end) to limit confusion when attempting to pull reports later. 


When you return to your Dashboard, you will notice the course will no longer be listed as an active course. You can use the toggle active button to view your inactive courses, which is where the course can now be found.

Please note that all inactive courses will be highlighted in yellow, while active courses will remain in green.



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