(Student) What is the access card/code for?

Sarah Smith -

Once a student has been accepted into a course by their institution using the "Student Pays" option, students can enter an access card/code in place of payment to complete their registration.


An access code is different than a course code.  If you are looking for information about Course Codes please try this article here. 


Our access cards/codes are good for a set dollar amount based on the program, profession and provider level of the access card/code, which you can use towards the purchase of your access to your course.

When you make a payment or enter an access card/code,  you are paying for access to a specific course in one of our sites. If your course is using both programs (EMSTesting/Platinum Tests and Platinum Planner) there will be a fee for use of each site. Once your fees are paid your access will be good for the length of that course. The length of that course will be determined by your school. 

If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to submit a help request or give Customer Support a call at (616) 818-7877.





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