(Administrator) How do I delete a class in EMSTesting?

Sarah Smith -


Once a class has been created in your course it cannot be deleted. However, you can edit the "Class Begins" and "Class Ends"  dates to push it into the past, to hide it.

From your School Administrator homepage inside EMSTesting, you will click on the name of the course that contains the class. This will cause two buttons to appear, and you will want to click on the "Edit Course" button.

This will take you to the "Edit Course" page where you will select the "Classes" tab. Next, click on the "Edit" option to the right of the class you wish to hide.  


This will bring you to the "Edit Class" page where you can adjust the "Class Begins" and "Class Ends" dates into the past. Once you have does this you will want to make sure you click "Save". 


Now that this class is in the past it won't appear in the drop-down for classes for tests to be added to, it will not show for students as a current class, or for the instructors as a current class. 


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