(Student) What do I do if my Course or Classes aren’t listed?

Sarah Smith -

When students are attempting to submit enrollment into a course or class in our programs, what is listed is what has been created and made available by the school's users. If your course or class is not listed or your course code isn't working, it may just be that the course or class hasn’t been created yet, the course or class was created using a different name, the course hasn't been opened up for enrollment yet, or you are already enrolled in that course or class. 

Regardless of the cause, your best course of action is to contact your Instructor, as they will be best equipped to assist you.

Please DO NOT sign up for the wrong course just because it is available, expecting that your Instructor has the ability to move you over to the correct course later. They do not have this ability.


If you still have questions please feel free to give our support team a call at 616-818-7877 or send in a support request via the "Help" button and we will be happy to assist! 

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