(Student) How long is my student access good for?

Sarah Smith -

Student accounts don't have "subscriptions". When students are paying to use our programs, they aren’t paying for a set amount of time. They are paying for access to a program, so their access is good for the length of their specific course in that program.

The length of a course could be two months, two years, or even 5 years long! This is set by the school that created the course. 

Once the course ends students will no longer have access to make changes in their student roles. 

It is important to note, if your course is utilizing both of our programs, EMSTesting and Platinum Planner, you will have to pay the cost of access to the course for each program. 

If you need to sign up for a brand new course, the program will ask you to pay again.


If you still have questions please feel free to give us a call at 616-818-7877 or send in a support request via the "Help" button. 

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