(School) How do I set it so my student regularly gets additional time for timed tests?

Sarah Smith -

To be compliant with ADA guidelines we have a feature that will allow you to award a specific student additional test time whenever they encounter timed tests in EMSTesting or Platinum Tests.

Please note: To set up the student’s "Extra Test Time" they must be accepted into a course and class in your school and that this setting can only be activated by a School Administrator or a Course Administrator associated with the course the student is enrolled in. 

To set the student's "Extra Test Time" you will want to start from your Platinumed.com Dashboard, where you will click on the "Manage Courses" tile. Then you find the name of the course the student is enrolled in and click the "edit" option to the right of the course.


This will bring you to the "Edit Course" page where you will select the "EMS Testing" tab, then click the "Classes" tab and find the class the student is enrolled in. Next, click the "edit" option to the right of the class name. 

This will bring you to the "Edit Class" page, where you click on the "Students" tab. Then you will want to find the student in the class list. Click on the downward arrow to the left of the student's name. This will cause a panel to appear where you can enter the percentage of extra time you want to award the student. Finally, don't forget to "Save."


If you still have questions, please feel free to give our support team a call at 616-818-7877 or send in a support request via the "Contact Us" button. 

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