(School) Adding an Instructor to an Existing Class [Planner]

Sarah Smith -

Adding an Instructor to an Existing Class: 

1.  From your main dashboard, click the Manage Courses dropdown in the grey and black tile to show your active courses. 

2.   Click edit for the course that contains the class you wish to adjust. 


3.  Select the Platinum Planner tab. 

4.  Select the Classes tab. 
Note: You want the Classes tab within the Platinum Planner tab, not the Class Groups tab. 

5.  Once you have located the class that you would like to add the new instructor to, click on the edit option to the right of the class name. 



6. Click on the Instructors tab. 

7.  Change the Display Toggle to All.  This will show you all the Instructors added to your school.  

8.  Put a check in the box to the left of the name of the instructor you would like to add to this class. 


9.  Click Save when you have added the instructor(s) desired. 


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