(Instructors) My Students Are In A Field Internship Class And Cannot Pick A Preceptor When Documenting

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If you are teaching a field internship class for paramedics, and your students' opportunity is set for the hours category of either 'EMS' or 'EMS Field Internship', the preceptors that will be listed for your students to use have to be set to both 'Trained' and 'Verified'. This is a requirement set by CoAEMSP for field internship classes.  


If the preceptor the student wants to select has been created in the program but hasn’t be set to both 'Trained' and 'Verified' you can still do it now so that your students can submit documentation.  


In your Instructor role, click on 'Preceptors' on the top red toolbar, and then 'Manage Preceptors'.


Or in your School Administrator role click on 'Manage Users/Requests' then 'Manage Preceptors'.



This will bring you to the 'Manage Preceptors" table (shown below). If you have many preceptors, there might be more than one page. When looking at your preceptors, you can see there is a 'Verified' and 'Trained' column. If there is no date in either box, that means that specific preceptor will not be selectable while students are documenting an opportunity (as long as the opportunity is set as EMS or EMS Field Internship as the hours category, for Field Internship Classes). 



To add a 'Trained' date just click 'Edit' to the far right of the preceptor you'd like to edit. Once in the 'Edit Preceptor Account' screen, scroll to the bottom and click in the 'Trained' field, and select a date. Once you have highlighted a date (a date in the past) click 'Set' and then 'Save' on the bottom right of the edit screen. 





Now that this preceptor has a 'Trained" date, it now just needs to be selected as 'Verified'. To do this just click on 'Verify' on the far right of the preceptors' name, the page will reload, and the preceptor will now have a 'Verified' date in that column.



Again this is only for opportunities that are within a 'Field Internship' class, AND the opportunity is set for the hours category of either 'EMS' or 'EMS Field Internship'


If you still have any other questions or concerns, please submit a help desk ticket or give us a call at (616) 818-7877

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