(Student) My CAT Results aren’t loading or are loading slowly, what should I do?

Sarah Smith -

Once you complete your adaptive test you will see a message saying “Calculating – Please Wait”.


Please bear in mind that the calculations that are being run are comparing your results to all other students testing at your provider level in the program and can be slowed down by other factors such as your internet connection or high volumes of testers. This means it can take a few minutes to complete. We appreciate your patience!


However, if it takes more than a few minutes to load, you can try utilizing the “Back to Tests” button. This will return you to your “Adaptive Tests For Class” page, where you can select the “View Results” button next to your most recent test attempt and reenter your test results page. This can sometimes solve the complication if the delay is the result of internet issues. 


If you are still unable to view your results, please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

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