(Instructor) Why Are Tests Missing From My Gradebook?

Sarah Smith -

There are a few reasons that a test will not appear in your grade book. The two most common are that there is an issue with the End Date of the test or that none of your students have completed the test.


So a good place to start troubleshooting for the problem is to take a look at information regarding your test's settings.

To do this, from your Instructor homepage, you will select the name of your class and click on the "Edit Class" button. 


Next, you will want to go to the "Tests" Tab.


The "Tests" tab will display all of the tests that have been associated with your class.

Note: If the test that is missing from your grade book is not listed here that means it has not been administered in your class and will not appear in your grade book.


Once you have located the test that is not appearing, the first thing you will want to verify is that the end date of the test falls within the class and the intended segment. 


If the end date of the test is after the end date of the class the program will not view that test as part of the Grade Book so will not display in the Grade Book.

Note: When you set a class to end on a certain day, it ends as soon as it becomes that day at midnight (so a class ending on 1/8/2021 ends at 00:00 on the 8th). If you set your test to end at 08:00 on the 8th the program will still view that test as outside of that class. 

If your class has been set up utilizing segments, make sure there isn't a gap in your segments. If the end date of the tests falls into a gap between segments it won't appear in the grade book for any segment.


If either of these scenarios is the root of your issue you can fix this by either editing the end date of the test or the end date of the class or segment.  



To change the end date of the test you will click the "Edit" button to the right of the test name, which will cause the "Edit Test Settings" window to pop up, where you can adjust the "End Date" and then click "Save". 



To change the end date of the class you will want to click on the "Settings" tab. Here you can extend out the "Class Ends" field of the class and click "Save."



To adjust the dates for your segments you will want to click on the "Segments" tab, where you will adjust the "Start Date" or "End Date" as needed to remove the gap. Then click "Save".



If the Test's End Date does fall into your class and intended segment it might just be that no students have started the test. 

When a test is administered in a class, it won't immediately appear in the grade book. This is by design. It allows us to give our users a bit of a window to remove tests before students have started them with less confusion for your students in the event the wrong test gets administered in the wrong class.  

You can check to see if any students have taken your test. In the information displayed under the Test Name is a section called "Students Started".  If it is 0, the test may not display. You can wait until students do start the tests our you can log in as the instructor-student role and start the test. This will cause the test to pop up in the grade book.


If you still have questions, please feel free to give us a call at 616-818-7877 or send in a support request via the "Help" button. 




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